😍 The perfect companion for your coffee
💛 handmade with love in Houston Tx
☕️ Life happens! Stop. Stir. Sip

About Coffee Stix

Coffee creamer is out, CoffeeStix are in!

As MAJOR coffee lovers,

we felt like the recipe for perfectly flavored coffee shouldn’t be a mystery, so we did something about it – *enter CoffeeStix* – the most delicious, affordable, convenient coffee sidekicks. Your cup o’ joe will never be the same as you stir your favorite brew with new, necessary sticks of sweetness. Not into coffee? No problem. CoffeeStix are a great addition to your favorite blend of tea or hot chocolate, too!

Stirring CoffeeStix is an art form that every coffee lover can and should master – simply sit, stir, and sip your way to creamy coffee magic.

Going to your local cafe for your morning fix?

Stash one (or a handful, no judgments!) in your purse or pocket for the perfect coffee companion. Making your java at home in your good ol’ trustworthy coffee maker? Keep a drawer or fun mug on the counter full of your favorite CoffeeStix to make easy, just-the-right-flavor, morning brew.

Life can be hard, flavoring your coffee shouldn’t. Let CoffeeStix take the wheel and give your daily pick-me-up the best dose of sweet, creamy, non-dairy goodness!

Meet the Creator of CoffeeStix

Donna Royston, creator of CoffeeStix, is a high school pharmacy technician instructor by day and an entrepreneur by night. She has an Associate’s of Science degree with a Pharmacy Technician distinction, which has provided the foundation for her CoffeeStix skills – she knows how to get down in the lab and mix and compound ingredients to achieve a specific result!

The idea of CoffeeStix was born one day when Donna and her students tried to make compound pediatric lollipops in class. Although the lollipops weren’t all that tasty, the scent of coffee filled the classroom and sparked the idea for a coffee creamer on a stick. Donna loves her brand because of the opportunity it allows for people to take a moment for themselves and enjoy the simple pleasure of a perfectly flavored cup of coffee. The CoffeeStix logo reminds her of being at the beach or on a luxurious, relaxing ride on a yacht, enjoying a carefully crafted coffee at dawn, and that is exactly how she wants others to feel as they Sit. Stir. Sip. with CoffeeStix.

When Donna is able to step away from the boss life for a bit, she enjoys taking vacations, watching football, enjoying good food, and spending time with her husband and two beautiful little girls. And if she had to choose her favorite CoffeeStix flavor, it’s between Cinnamon Vanilla (which will be back soon!) and Salted Caramel because of its most delicious scent.

Meet the Director of Operations

Toya Dennis helps run the show at CoffeeStix. She is an entrepreneur, an Army Veteran, and has a bachelor’s degree from The University of Houston. Her background is in the medical field, training & development, and she is currently teaching health science while pursuing her master’s degree. Toya loves seeing her students grow and apply their knowledge in the classroom. She is consistently reminded that a positive attitude and mindset contributes to positive results, and she applies this concept to her work at CoffeeStix and considers the brand the start of generational wealth as it’s being built on faith and good old fashioned hard work.

In her free time, Toya loves spending time with her husband and two beautiful girls, and embraces self-care by journaling, traveling, reading her Bible, listening to music, shopping, and getting self-expressive with makeup. Toya loves the brilliance behind the CoffeeStix brand and how the product is so convenient, economical, and tasty! If she had to choose, her favorite CoffeeStix flavor is Chocolate Mousse because “it gives her coffee the smile it’s been missing.”

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